Providing Employment Readiness for Local High School Students

HPSPDevelopment Officer Saleena Marria recently secured a $30,000 grant from the Rutgers Community Health Foundation, Inc. in support of the “Summer Youth Employment Program (S-YEP),” which is run by RWJUH’s Community Health Promotions Program. The S-YEP program will expose high school students to professional work settings and encourage exploration of their occupational interests. Participants engage in employment readiness activities and job shadowing opportunities with local businesses and social services organizations in the community. Students develop workforce skills and learn to value responsibility. The program will enroll 50 New Brunswick high school students from ages 14 to 17 in July and August. The S-YEP program is just one of many community programs that RWJUH supports, and we are grateful for our philanthropic partners who help sustain such activities. For more information about other community programs, please visit RWJ Community Health Promotions.

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